Own a store, make money, and love what you do.

Let's face it,

We love shopping

Cash Cow Consignment Shop and RIGHT NOW, Second hand shops are HOT!

That's why were here.

To help you Position yourself to Sell to your Customers. They can be looking for furniture, clothing, knicknacks, Home Decor or Artwork. and we can teach you how to startup and sell

If it is original and second hand.

We can help you cut your initial costs in half, and crush the competition.

It's time to do something great.

Let's look at our first examples of Creative Consignment Stores

Knick knack stores

Consignment Furniture

This is our first assignment,

Go grab a a pen and paper, and get ready to take notes.

We need to Identify what kind of store is perfectly matched for you. Please take notes from the very beginning when starting this course.

Which best describes you..

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